Collaborative Alliances

We believe and promote collaborative leadership. Possibilities are infinite, and the impact is exponential. If you think there is a meeting point around your purpose and ours and we could create something together, send us some lines and have a conversation. Wherever you are in the world is perfectly okay.

Here you can find the organizations we currently collaborate with:

We are committed to foster evolution and not leaving anyone behind.


We both are deeply connected to this organization that is a worldwide reference in leadership development.

Both belong to CTI’s faculty and co-lead worldwide its publics programs. We also belong to the corporate faculty.

If you are interested in bringing CTI to your company, please use the link below.

Coactive Training Institute. Faculty Members
EVOLBE & Asociación ICAI. Feb 2019


Yolanda López Osuna is the founder of GAUDIUS, which is based in Spain. Her exquisite approach and dedication to tailor-made transformative stories are truly an inspiration.

We began our journey together back in 2017. Since then, we have been dancing and co-creating with human beings that believe in their potential and want to have a significant and sustainable impact on society.

Through GAUDIUS I have been present in the development journeys of fast moving consumer good industry (hygiene, health and nutrition), and pharma.


Gul Yucel is the founder of ETICS, which is based in Dubai. Her passion and commitment to life evolution are astonishing.

Open to the unknown and sharing a past as both engineers make our connection extremely easy, powerful and a source for mutual inspiration. Our purposes are clearly connected, and we share a passion for connecting the spiritual with our tangible world through science.

ETICS represents through Gul the opportunity to materialize our purpose and expand transformative processes within organizations and human beings on a different side of the planet.

EVOLBE & Asociación ICAI. Feb 2019
EVOLBE & Asociación ICAI. Feb 2019


Margo McClimans is the founder of CWOB, which is based in Switzerland.

We first met as participants during a leadership program back in 2011.

With a strong background in business, she is creative, curious, and always open to experience new approaches. Margo is a wonderful woman who makes a difference in women’s leadership WW through her programs, lectures, and collaborations.

Until now, we have been together in her endeavors withing SwissRe and FIFA.


Angelique Van Dam is the co-founder of MPOWR, which is based in The Netherlands. We first met co-leading the Coactive Leadership program, which we still lead.

The pandemic ignited the spark on us in EVOLBE for taking leadership development to the Spanish healthcare community.

As a former family physician, Angelique is committed to breathing life to medical leadership. In 2020 we began our collaboration by co-designing leadership programs for the healthcare community in The Netherlands.


EVOLBE & Asociación ICAI. Feb 2019
EVOLBE & Asociación ICAI. Feb 2019


ICAI engineers play an essential role in society through their impact within the organizations they belong to. Marshal Goldsmith, one of the most reputable personalities in the world in executive coaching and development, insists that «leadership is to work with and through others to achieve results.»

Beginning February 2018, EVOLBE and ICAI Engineers Association began a collaborative partnership which serves a double purpose and has a double impact:

  • We are committed to promoting leadership development, have a measurable transformative impact, and create active learning communities. All associates can access to our process and LAB workshops through the association web’s reserved area.
  • We are committed to not leaving anyone behind: EVOLBE will donate to «Fundación Ingenieros ICAI para el desarrollo» a percentage of all projects originated for associates through the association. All associates will be indirectly collaborating with the essential mission the Foundation has at different places in the world.


EVOLBE collaborates with Humanium in making our services accessible and available for people who dedicate their lives to Humanium’s noble purpose. Children are our future, and we must protect them and work to ensure they wholly develop themselves. 

Humanium is an international child sponsorship NGO dedicated to stopping violations of children’s rights throughout the world. It was founded in Geneva in 2008 with a single purpose: the well-being of children worldwide. The association strives for a concrete improvement in their living conditions and their basic rights.

Humanium’s objectives span three complementary approaches:

  • raising awareness of children’s rights to more than five million people each year worldwide
  • legal assistance for victims of children’s rights violations
  • supporting local partners with projects to help children
Algunas de las organizaciones o personas que han fundado organizaciones y que nos inspiran en el desarrollo de nuestro trabajo y de las que nos nutrimos con sus avances y descubrimientos en el diseño de nuestros propios procesos.
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Coactive Training Institute. Faculty Members
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